Hi there.

If you came to this page to see if you can glean a little more about me and to see if we are a good match, let me tell you. This will be the wordiest of bios and about me page ever created. You have been warned.

I have been in design for over 15 years. I worked with tiny brands and large companies both as a freelancer and as an agency employee. Over the years I started a letterpress studio, became a yoga teacher, started hand-lettering, graduated from Type at Cooper, took self-development courses, etc etc etc. Not until I left my agency design job and started to redesign my website did I realize I had no idea who I was and what I loved doing.

Sure sure, I love design. And branding. And making logos. And lettering profanity. And super cool toothy paper. And printing presses. But I had a really hard time focusing in on my niche and verbalizing my pain points to my web designer—explaining what needed to be on what page, and what kind of traffic, call to actions, and voice I envisioned for my brand. I know it sounds crazy that I was struggling with this as a designer, but it perfectly illustrates the self-inquiry and excavation work we all need to do before (re)launching a brand.

Only throughout the process of working with clients one-on-one did I learn and realize you don’t need a lot of marketing mumbo-jumbo, you don’t need to attend business school to connect with your why. You just need to strategically peel the layers off of your proverbial onion self and off you go.

The challenge is that in our current marketing, social media, and brand landscapes the language around intention, purpose, and anti-hustle is non-existent. We celebrate hustle, doing more, and making more money. 

I listened to so many people tell me how to make money. I took courses. Free and not so free. More, more, more, they said. They told me what I should need. Healthy life, organic veggies, debt-free life.

Cool, but at what expense? And what do I want? Pump the breaks. I never asked myself what I wanted. My decision to become a full-time freelancer was to sleep more. To hustle less. 

Listen, nobody can tell you how to do what lights you up. So I’m not even going to pretend that I can fix you. There is no need to fix anything anyway. You are perfectly enough as is.

I just believe in peeling the layers of your proverbial onion self to get to the core so you can shine. It’s hard to see who you really are when most of our awareness of ourselves is coming from external validation and factors.

And listen, I get it, it sounds contradictory to be selling a course when I am telling you you do not need a course, but mostly, I just want to challenge you to do the work and be your accountability buddy with worksheets and other videos to get to your inner core, find your why, purpose, and dissect your brand with guts. 

If you have felt tired, overwhelmed, exhausted spinning your wheels, if you often feel like you should have gone to business school, and design school, and management school, and and and... this work is for you. We will deep dive into everything a brand needs to dissect to be successful. To be on the same page internally and externally, to have that brand DNA rock solid, so you have no doubt, decision fatigue or any hesitation to charge forward and look and feel as good about your brand as you product and services are already. 

I've stopped teaching yoga, I'm no longer letterpressing, I am no longer designing weird odds and ends things. I brand people. From start to finish. Badass passionpreneurs, just like you. 


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